Life Under Your Feet -- Publications / Talks

Publications :

  • Jayant Gupchup, Razvan Musaloiu-E., Alex Szalay, Andreas Terzis. Sundial: Using Sunlight to Reconstruct Global Timestamps. To appear in the proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2009).
  • Jayant Gupchup, Razvan Musaloiu-E, Marcus Chang, Alex Szalay, Katalin Szlavecz, Andreas Terzis. Deploying Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks for Ecological Monitoring, To appear in the Microsoft eScience Workshop 2008
  • A. Terzis. R. Musaloiu-E., J. Cogan, K. Szlavecz, A. Szalay, J. Gray, S. Ozer, M. Liang, J. Gupchup, R. Burns, Wireless Sensor Networks for Soil Science. To appear in the special issue of the International Journal on Sensor Networks on Environmental Sensor Networks
  • Jayant Gupchup, Abhishek Sharma, Andreas Terzis, Randal Burns, Alex Szalay. The Perils of Detecting Measurement Faults in Environmental Monitoring Networks. Appeared in DCoSS 2008 (Invited Paper)
  • Razvan Musaloiu-E., Chieh-Jan Liang, Andreas Terzis. Koala: Ultra-Low Power Data Retrieval in Wireless Sensor Networks. In the Proceedings of IPSN 2008.
  • Chieh-Jan Liang, Razvan Musaloiu-E., Andreas Terzis. Typhoon: A Reliable Data Dissemination Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. To appear in the Proceedings of EWSN 2008
  • K. Szlavecz, A. Terzis, R. Musaloiu-E., C.-J. Liang, J. Cogan, A. Szalay, J. Gupchup, J. Klofas, L. Xia, C. Swarth, and S. Matthews, “Turtle Nest Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks,” in Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, 2007
  • J. Gupchup, R. Burns, A. Terzis, and A. Szalay, Model-Based Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks. Proceedings of Workshop on Data Sharing and Interoperability on the World-Wide Sensor Web (DSI), 2007
  • Musaloiu-E, R. A. Terzis, Szlavecz, K., , A. Szalay, J. Cogan, R, J.Gray Life under your feet: Wireless sensors in soil ecology. Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors (EmNets 2006) May 30-31, 2006 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA p. 51-55.
  • Szlavecz, K, A. Terzis, S. Ozer, R. Musaloiu-E., J. Cogan, S. Small, R. Burns, J. Gray, A. Szalay. Life Under Your Feet: An End-to-End Soil Ecology Sensor Network, Database, Web Server, and Analysis Service.
  • Gu, Lianhong, P. Hanson, S. Wullschleger, K. Szlavecz. A. Terzis, A. Szalay. 2005. Integrating advanced land surface modeling with complementary atmospheric and ecological measurements to understand cloud-land surface interactions. A white paper for participating in the Southern Great Plains Cloud and Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC). Environmental Science Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, pp. 25
  • Terzis, A, R. Musaloiu-E, R. Szlavecz, K., , A. Szalay, J. Cogan, R, J.Gray, R. Burns, Small Life under your feet: Wireless sensors in soil ecology. Ad Hoc Networks Journal Special Issue on: Recent Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks submitted

  • Conference presentations, Abstracts :

  • Szlavecz, K., A. Szalay, A. Terzis, R. Musaloiu-E., S. Small, J. Cogan. R. Burns, J. Gray, S. Ozer 2006. Building and end-to-end system for soil monitoring. Eos Trans. AGU, 87(36), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract H32B-02
  • Cogan, J. The watermark soil moisture sensor: Is it suitable for long-term monitoring?. Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) poster presentation. The Johns Hopkins University, March 2006
  • Szlavecz, K. Cogan, J., R. Musaloiu-E., S. Small, A. Terzis, A. Szalay. A wireless sensor for soil monitoring. Eos Trans. AGU, 86(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract IN21B-1174., 2005.Szlavecz, K. Cogan, J., R. Musaloiu-E., S. Small, A. Terzis, A. Szalay. A wireless sensor for soil monitoring. Eos Trans. AGU, 86(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract IN21B-1174., 2005.
  • Baltimore Ecosystem Study Quarterly Science Meeting, June 27, 2006: “Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Cyberfrastructure for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study” Organizers: Claire Welty and Katalin Szlavecz

  • Presentation by team members :

  • Andreas Terzis, Life Under Your Feet : Status update, Microsoft Science All Hands Meetings, 2008
  • Katalin Szlavecz. Soil Moisture Sensors and Future Opportunities with Gas Sensors
  • Andreas Terzis. Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring: A View from the Trenches
  • Randal Burns. High-level Design Tools for Sensor-Based, Environmental Monitoring
  • Alex Szalay. How to Build a Scientific Database
  • The presentations will soon be posted on the Baltimore Ecosystem Study website (

  • Departmental Talks :

  • The soil ecosystem in human-dominated environments. UC Davis, CA, April 27, 2006
  • Stucture and function of soil communities in urban ecosystems. University of Louisville, KY. April 21, 2006.
  • Diversity, redundancy, heterogeneity: three challenges in soil ecology. Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University. April 10, 2006
  • The Baltimore Ecosystem Study and Soil Research. Maryland Public Television EnviroHealth Connections Winter Colloquium. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, January 20, 2006 e

  • Media Coverage :

  • Nature, March 23, 2006
  • Johns Hopkins Gazette, March 20, 2006
  • Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Newsletter, May 2, 2006