270.308. Population and Community Ecology (Fall)

The course focuses on the patterns of distribution and abundance of organisms. Topics include population dynamics and regulation, competition, predation, host-parasite interactions, patterns of species diversity, community succession, the flow of energy and matter through ecosystems. We will also discuss the role of natural and human disturbances in shaping communities. Field trips are part of this course.

270.231. Ecology of a Changing Planet (Spring)

The course focuses on large scale ecological patterns and the effect of the biota on Earth system functions. Past and present human impact and related major environmental issues will be discussed. These include land use change, overfishing, pollution, introduction of species and climate change.

270.332 Soil Ecology: NEW COURSE! (Spring)

The purpose of this course is to introduce basic aspects of cycles and flows in the soil ecosystem, and to provide students with an overview of the higher groups of soil organisms, focusing on their identification characters and ecological roles. The course is intended for upper level undergraduates or graduate students who are interested in soils and soil ecology. The course provides basic laboratory and field surveying skills in the discipline.